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Risk Management in Healthcare Sector

Improvements in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has shown a great deal of improvement in recent years. The introduction of new technology has meant that effective means of treatment are being discovered each day. Diseases and medical conditions that were once considered fatal can now be easily managed using new drugs and medicines that have recently been developed. However, all this progress still hasn’t helped when it comes to patient safety. Even with all the high tech equipment and advanced machines present in hospitals, medical errors are still the norm. A number of patients have lost their lives because of errors that could have been prevented if proper steps had been taken to avoid their risk.

How Can Healthcare Risk Management Help?

Managing risks is a great way of ensuring that an error can be prevented even before it can occur. After all, errors occur if there is a potential risk involved. For instance, if there is a risk that a machine going off can kill a patient then managing it beforehand would ensure that no patient dies because of accidental closure of that machine. This is the reason why healthcare risk management is being seen as the way forward to bring an end to deaths caused due to machine glitches or medical miscalculations. The following are some ways through which healthcare risk management is helping in this regard.

Patient Incident Reporting

The first and foremost requirement for managing risk in the healthcare environment is detection of the risk. Finding out possible instances of risk would require hospitals to invest in some form of software that is capable of recording patient incident reports. Datix is the market leader in the healthcare risk management industry whose aim is to ensure patient safety in the healthcare sector. The company has come up with a patient incident reporting system for the healthcare industry. This system of theirs can record patient complaints and incident reports. It is already helping in providing risk managers the chance to view the incident reports and then find out the potential risks that caused the incident to happen.  Read More...

Who makes the technical decisions for you?

Tech solutions for health

The advancements of medicine have always been pushed forwards, and backed up, by the development of science and technology. Human beings felt curious about their own bodies, how they worked, what diseases were, and of course how to fight them and shield themselves from them. This instinct of investigation and the search for physical and mental relief, in order to protect their lives and their capacities, has been behind all further developments in the medical science. Once a matter of religion or superstition, even an organic part of a spiritual corpus of belief, now health and healing advance onto the shoulders of empiric research and technological breakthroughs.

Over the course of the centuries and even today, we face health challenges, from epidemical outbreaks to administrative flaws in our health systems. Both companies and public services try to battle these problems every day in order to provide health services to the population. It does take knowledge and resources to do so, and technology allows us to face greater and greater threats with an increasing rate of success and less suffering for the patients. Read More...

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Quality of sleep for your daily wellbeing

When it comes to taking care of our health, we often think about what we do during the day. We try to eat healtily, we try to do exercise as reccommended, we try to avoid harmful drugs and keep a possitive attitude throughout the day. And even if every singe one of these things is important, there is a key aspect of your health that you might be overlooking, and that is the quality of your sleep. We need to sleep around eight hours each day to stay healthy, emotionally balanced and mentally centered during the day. Also, the quality of our sleep must be enough. We need to sleep in a proper position, with proper support and in a good enough environment. We spend many hours straight sleeping on our beds, and if we don’t have proper support or a good posture, then we will feel the negative effects in the morning, and even days after the night we spent in less than ideal conditions.

We need to sleep on a bed that will be good for our sleeping posture and our body support, especially for supporting our back. Our vertebrae must rest on a good position or the joints between them will become overstressed, squeezed or overstretched, and that might cause us not only pain and wearing, but also muscular problems and posture problems during the day. Read More...

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