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The advancements of medicine have always been pushed forwards, and backed up, by the development of science and technology. Human beings felt curious about their own bodies, how they worked, what diseases were, and of course how to fight them and shield themselves from them. This instinct of investigation and the search for physical and mental relief, in order to protect their lives and their capacities, has been behind all further developments in the medical science. Once a matter of religion or superstition, even an organic part of a spiritual corpus of belief, now health and healing advance onto the shoulders of empiric research and technological breakthroughs.

Over the course of the centuries and even today, we face health challenges, from epidemical outbreaks to administrative flaws in our health systems. Both companies and public services try to battle these problems every day in order to provide health services to the population. It does take knowledge and resources to do so, and technology allows us to face greater and greater threats with an increasing rate of success and less suffering for the patients.

All health research and developments require money, and the needs of the ill and the injuried can be answered with products and services, so health has almost necessarily become a business. More precisely, health is a combination and coordination of many businesses, from medical careers to special supplies, from logistics to management. In order to provide the best products for clinics and hospitals, health tech companies show up in the scene as a part of the system that doesn't seem to go away very soon.

Support and logistics for health companies

It does no longer matter if the health provider is a public institution or a private company: both of them need to establish a network of suppliers, employees, distribution, transportation and communication in order to work properly. These providers need to be strategically managed and rationally led if they want to succeed at their goal.

Whenever a need rises, new businesses get in the scene offering solutions and thus creating a new market. Also, there is the market of health itself, the need of people for healing or relief that can be addressed from a commercial point of view. Our lifestyles change and our preferences are switching their direction, so the old, traditional medical system sometimes has problems to answer to the requirements of the population. Problems to adapt. And that's where health startups can find a place in the new market, with their solutions and offerings in tone with today's world. 

Perhaps one of the strongest trends in these last few years, not only in the health area but in all businesses in general, is the implementation of digital platforms and online access for clients. Now people can shop, check, complain and make consultations through their computers or mobile devices, and that saves companies lots of costs as well as make them more attractive to customers, so all these companies going digital shouldn't surprise anybody.

Online platforms builders and providers now work closely with many health companies, as well as transportation networks that may even extend beyond country limits. New technologies and supplies are imported from other places of the world and even locally communcation and coordination for ambulances and public enforcement officers when necessary have become a part of this system.

Is marketing needed in the health area?

The good thing about marketing is that it's one of the few services that any other company or provider could use. If you set up a transportation business, only those who need to carry physical objects from one place to another will use your services. If you go with an office furniture retail store, certain people will be interested in your products but not all of them. But if you open a marketing business, anyone could benefit from it.

The need of marketing might be more obvious in the case of private clinics or healthcare services because there are clearly businesses that are competing against each other - and in some cases, against the free services of hospitals - but you would be surprised to know that even the NHS may use these companies as a channel of communication with the community, in example when launching campaigns. Digital startups and entrepreneurships like have realized that this niche could be exploited, and now are making a profit out of it. 

Technological support, logistics, marketing and assessment are only a few of all third party businesses that health providers could use. Making technical decisions and changing structures in order to improve the service and reach all pertinent resources will definitely help move medicine forwards.



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