Drug and alcohol abuse the perils

Drug and alcohol abuse is perhaps the most common and the gravest problems facing the younger generation. The world over, youths are getting addicted to drugs and alcohol and becoming victims for various illnesses. Tobacco consumption is rated to be the primary cause of preventive deaths in the world. Tobacco-related illnesses can be fatal not just for the person consuming tobacco but for all others around him or her too. This is the reason why tobacco abuse is considered to be most dangerous. But that is not the only problem. Alcoholism can be as serious too and then there is drug abuse with prescription drug abuse being the most common.

Drug and alcohol abuse – the problems associated

Substance abuse can cause more problems than those visible to the eyes. This is one issue that the society is facing since times immemorial however, the impact of substance abuse has only aggravated in the current times. While drug and alcohol abuse is predominantly a health issue, in recent times, it has become more of a social problem as it does not just affect that individual who is addicted but also several others associated to him personally and professionally. With governments of most countries enacting laws and legislations that are geared at addressing the problem, more and more people are coming out with their grievances. Most health experts vouch for the fact that alcohol and substance abuse affects the society to a large extent.

Effects on the family:

By far, it is the family of the addict who is worst affected. People who abuse drugs or alcohol become negligent of their responsibilities towards their family members. If they are the forerunners in the family, it further aggravates the problem as lives of all other dependent members of the family are negatively impacted. Moreover, children who grow in families that have elders who abuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to become dependent on these substances as they grow.

Effects on the community at large:

Statistics reveal sad figures of deaths caused due to drunken driving. These figures cannot be ignored when analyzing the impact of substance abuse on the community. Not just impacting the security of people around, substance abuse also makes the person less productive making him professionally incapable. When such people are engaged in employment, they can even place their co-workers at immense risk. Unfortunately workplace testing shows shows illicit drug use on the rise.

Identifying drug and alcohol abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse has to be treated like a medical issue. However, in order to treat this problem and also to associate ownership to the responsible individuals, it is important to identify people who abuse drugs and alcohol. While there are warnings signals that you one can look for, a systematic approach is required to identify the issue. In most cases, a lot of courts and specialist lawyers teams require documented proof to penalize the offenders for substance and alcohol abuse and also to get a rehabilitation program initiated for them. Such authorities look out for various laboratory tests to identify drug and alcohol abuse.

Hair follicle testing for drug and alcohol abuse

One of the most trusted methods of testing for drug and alcohol abuse is the hair test. A hair follicle test is very simple and yet a very accurate method of indentifying drug and alcohol abusers.

Hair analysis is a simple method in which a sample of hair is tested to analyse the person’s drug use history. Hair is a metabolically active tissue in the body. When a person consumes any intoxicating substance, metabolites are produced as the body of the person starts to process that drug. These metabolites enter the blood and eventually nourish the hair follicle.

Several medical and health experts claim that hair analysis is more accurate that even blood or urine analysis. Hair testing is often used by people who want to discreetly test a person for substance abuse as the hair samples can be quite easily collected without the knowledge of the person from his or her pillow or around his or her room on the floor.

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